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Unveiling the Shield: BŌKEN Chooses Black Chest as Their Watch Case Producer

Hey Adventurers! 🌍✈️

Ever wondered what goes into creating the perfect shield for your beloved watches? At BŌKEN, we believe in not just telling time but crafting stories, and every adventure needs a reliable companion. That's where our partnership with Black Chest comes into play – the wizards behind the sturdy watch cases that make your travels worry-free!

Quality Assurance, Craftsmanship, and Materials: At Black Chest, watch cases are not just cases; they're fortresses for your timepieces. Rock solid on the outside, shockproof on the inside, and ready to tackle anything your journey throws at them. Waterproof and pressure equalized, these cases are the epitome of extreme protection. Because when you're exploring the unknown, your watches should be the least of your concerns.

Design Inspired by Partnerships: The design of our watch cases isn't just a nod to aesthetics; it's a tribute to our valued partnerships. Crafted with the essence of Black Chest and Just One Ocean – the charity we wholeheartedly support – our cases embody the spirit of adventure and sustainability. The rugged yet elegant design pays homage to the strength of our collaborations, ensuring that every wrist adorned with a BŌKEN watch case carries the stories of both exploration and philanthropy.

Collaborative Process: Behind the scenes, the brains behind BŌKEN and Black Chest have been on a journey of their own. Six months of collaboration, fueled by a shared passion for exploration and adrenaline, have resulted in a partnership that goes beyond just watches and cases. It's a synergy of microbrands creating something truly exceptional for the adventurers at heart.

Production Capacity and Reputation: Black Chest brings not only quality but also production capability to the table. Their stellar reputation in the industry speaks volumes about the craftsmanship we cherish.

Customer Feedback: The verdict is in – our first wave of watches and cases has left adventurers delighted! The feedback is glowing, praising the watch case design and the Nomad's themselves. It warms our hearts to know our creations are not just keeping time but making moments memorable.

In every ticking second and every adventure-ready case, you'll find the spirit of exploration. Join us on this wristy journey where time meets tales, and the shield for your watches is as epic as the adventures they accompany.

Ready to explore? 🚀⌚

Adventure Awaits, The BŌKEN Team

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