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  • What does BŌKEN mean?
    BŌKEN translates from Japanese to "adventure". Our whole company is focused on adventure and how a watch can transition from office use to adventure use. We want to empower adventurers, thrill-seekers, and lovers of luxury with timepieces that embody the perfect fusion of performance, style, and elegance.
  • Where is your brand designed and watches made?
    Our branding is designed in Great Britain including logo designs, photography, packaging, social media etc. BŌKEN has a fantastic partnership with our original equipment manufacturer (OEM) in a small Swiss village. Our manufacturer was one of the first horology / watch-making schools in Switzerland and have been running since the 1980's. While we work with our OEM who support our vision, our company goals are distinctly different as represented by our approach to bringing watches to market and our brand ethos. We work closely with our manufacturer to customise branding, adapt movements and change aesthetic elements including colourways.
  • Will BŌKEN venture into other styles of watch?
    Absolutely! Our first two watches have been original equipment manufactured that we have customised. On April 29, 2024, BŌKEN announced that our third model will be built in Berkshire, UK. Our aspiration is to foster our growth as an independent brand and play a pivotal role in propelling adventure watches into the forefront as our brand flourishes.
  • Where does the "1988" come from?
    The reference to 1988 is a nod to our founder whose adventure began in 1988.
  • Will I need tools to change between the bracelet and the strap?
    The design is quick release and so it will take just a couple of seconds to switch between the bracelet and the strap.
  • What is your social commitment?
    Our entire brand and ethos is formed around the adventures that can be had involving water, whether that is surfing the Nazaré; rafting in Chile or blasting around a mountain resort skiing or snowboarding. As part of BŌKEN's commitment to safeguarding our planet's precious water resources and habitats, we will donate ​£50 of each BŌKEN Nomad Watch sold to Just One Ocean via Work for Good. Check out our Giving Back page for more details.
  • How is BŌKEN packaged?
    BŌKEN watches come packaged within in a Black Chest x BŌKEN case. You can find more details here: BŌKEN chooses Black Chest (
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