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noun: adventure


We are British-designed, Swiss Made, Japanese named watch company with a social cause that pledges £50 of each watch sold to support Just One Ocean.

BŌKEN is here to empower adventurers, thrill-seekers, and lovers of luxury with timepieces that embody the perfect fusion of performance, style, and elegance.

Our watches capture the essence of adventure, reflecting the unwavering spirit needed to conquer any challenge, whether it be the relentless waves of the ocean or the majestic slopes of the mountains.

BŌKEN timepieces not only exude unrivaled performance and durability but also embrace opulence and refined style.

Boken Watches, Nomad Watch, Titanium Watch, Adventure Watch

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Boken Watches, Nomad Watch, Titanium Watch, Adventure Watch


“As a lover of all thing’s outdoors, technology and watches, I wanted to create a brand where style meets adventure. BŌKEN Watches are a vibrant expression of untamed spirit, crafted with precision for the modern-day explorer.

The idea of BŌKEN is to effortlessly blend into any setting, whether you're conquering mountain summits or conquering business goals. Your wristwear is no longer just a timekeeper; it's a statement of your colorful journey through life.

Ecology and protecting the future is at the core of all we stand for. We live for the mountain snow and the evening surf, which is why we are so passionate about giving back to protect our seas and oceans.”  ~ Daniel

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