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Our entire brand and ethos is formed around the adventures that can be had involving water, whether that is surfing the Nazare; rafting in Chile or dropping into fresh powder or carving around a mountain resort skiing or snowboarding.

As part of BŌKEN's commitment to safeguarding our planet's precious water resources and habitats, we will donate ​£50 of each BŌKEN Nomad Watch sold to Just One Ocean via Work for Good.

Boken Watches, Nomad Watch, Titanium Watch, Adventure Watch
Why Jus One Ocean
Boken Watches, Nomad Watch, Titanium Watch, Adventure Watch


We admire the incredible mission and accomplishments of Just One Ocean who play a fundamental role in safeguarding our waters around the world.

By aligning ourselves with Just One Ocean, we strive to ensure future generations can continue to cherish and enjoy the wonders of our planet's waters.

We love the projects that Just One Ocean is driving, particularly the Big Microplastic Survey

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"The biggest problem facing the ocean is the belief that someone else will fix it. We focus on the importance of public engagement. We cannot fix things by policy alone, we have to engage with the wider audience. 

Education and communication are crucial. People cannot make changes if they don't realise there is a problem and without change, we don't have a solution.

Don't try to be perfect as you strive for a more sustainable way of life. Little steps towards an ultimate goal are fine especially when the scale if the issues are so daunting.

Be pragmatic when looking at the issues. Plastic is here to stay. People will always eat seafood. We will be using oil for many years to come. Yes we want to address these issues but, if your only solutions are ban plastic, stop eating fish and stop using oil you are not helping. We live in a complex world with many even more complex moving parts and we need pragmatic solutions not knee jerk reactions."

~ David Jones, CEO & Founder

Boken Watches, Nomad Watch, Titanium Watch, Adventure Watch
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