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A Dive into Adventure at British Watchmakers' Day

British Watchmakers Day

March 9, 2024, marked a historic day for BŌKEN as we stepped onto the stage at the inaugural British Watchmakers' Day. This event not only celebrated the art of watchmaking but also served as BŌKEN's debut in the vibrant world of watch enthusiasts and press.

With hundreds of visitors stopping by the BŌKEN brand bar, Lindley Hall came alive with discussions on all things Nomad, the Black Chest x BŌKEN collaboration and, of course, the much-anticipated Odyssey.

Attendees had the exclusive opportunity to witness the Odyssey's beauty before its official launch on June 9, 2024. The Odyssey is a 1000-meter diver sitting at 45mm, a lug-to-lug of 50mm, helium escape valve, sapphire glass, and comes in three different dial colours with blue or yellow second hand and writing details.

OH! Adding a touch of whimsy, we introduced "Oddy the shark," a character designed by Nacho (@gzm.pix), who joined the brand bar festivities.

The audience response was nothing short of phenomenal. EJ Ward of LBC remarked that the Odyssey was "The standout watch of the show." Over 300 people interacted with the brand bar, expressing their enthusiasm for BOKEN's timepieces.

Memorable moments were captured as watch enthusiasts, influencers, YouTube stars, and press gathered to explore the world of BŌKEN including the straight-talking, Paul Thorpe (British Watchmakers' Day clip) and the superb content creator and owner/designer of Bark & Jack, Adrian Barker who got hands on with the Odyssey.

BŌKEN's trusted partner, Black Chest, shared the spotlight, providing BlackChest x BŌKEN cases that showcased the Nomads and Odysseys in all their glory. Even Daryl from Lifestyle Watches, one of BŌKEN's upcoming retailers, added to the excitement, embodying the spirit of collaboration.

As the curtains closed on British Watchmakers' Day, the vibrancy of the watchmaking community echoed. One thing is clear and that is British watchmaking is very much alive, kicking and dare we say, a leading renaissance of quality and excitement.

We may only be 6 months old but we're punching hard and can confirm that the Odyssey's official launch is June 9, 2024. Enthusiasts can register for updates on the Odyssey here.

To conclude, our journey at the inaugural British Watchmakers' Day was nothing short of spectacular. Our commitment to excellence, adventure, and community building resonated with attendees and as we look ahead to the Odyssey's grand launch, all we can say is THANK YOU to all of you who support us.

Stay tuned for more exciting adventures with BŌKEN, where timekeeping becomes an extraordinary experience!