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BŌKEN and Black Chest Team Up to Sponsor Racing Sensation Harry Rice!

Harry Rice, BŌKEN, Black Chest, Aston Martin, NLS

Get ready for some high-octane news: BŌKEN and Black Chest are thrilled to announce our sponsorship of the phenomenal Harry Rice! Currently tearing up the track in the Nürburgring Langstrecken Serie (NLS), Harry is behind the wheel of an astonishing Aston Martin Vantage GT4 with PROsport Racing.

Harry’s journey into the world of racing is nothing short of inspiring. He began in the junior saloon car championships, where he quickly showcased his talent by earning a scholarship and winning the 2019 event in his very first season. Talk about hitting the ground running!

When he’s not burning rubber on the track, Harry works as a driving experience instructor at Silverstone. Whether he’s helping thrill-seekers blast around the circuit in their dream supercar or scaring the life out of them with his expert driving skills, Harry is all about sharing his passion for speed and precision. Fancy a go at Silverstone? Check it out here.

Harry Rice, BŌKEN, Black Chest, Aston Martin, NLS

Daniel Lee, of Race Driver Developments, is the manager and a brilliant coach at the Brentwood kart track. He spotted Harry’s remarkable talent when Harry attended the track and has been mentoring this young talent ever since.

Harry’s ambitions are as bold as his driving. He says, "In the future, I want to keep racing in Europe and go into either DTM or GT world challenge!" And with his dedication and talent, there's no doubt he’ll get there.

For BŌKEN and Black Chest, this sponsorship is more than just a partnership; it’s an opportunity to support a rising star in the racing world and be part of his thrilling journey. We’re beyond excited to watch Harry's career soar and are proud to stand by such an incredible talent.

Stay tuned as we follow Harry’s adventures on and off the track. Here’s to high speeds, thrilling races, and an unbeatable partnership!

Follow Harry's Journey with Us

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Harry Rice, BŌKEN, Black Chest, Aston Martin, NLS

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