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BŌKEN Teams Up with Scotland's Lifestyle Watches as they become the first BŌKEN Authorised Retailer!

Updated: Apr 23

British Watchmakers Day

March 28th is a special day!!!

We, at BŌKEN, are thrilled to announce an exciting new partnership with Lifestyle Watches, a beloved family-run business based in Scotland who become the first Authorised Retailer in the UK!

Led by the dynamic duo of Gary and Daryl, Lifestyle Watches has earned a stellar reputation for their passion, expertise, and commitment to excellence in the world of luxury timepieces. Lifestyle Watches are currently the only retailer in Scotland that you can get hands on with a BŌKEN watch!

Founder of BŌKEN, Daniel, has a connection back to Scotland through his grand-father who originates from the Highlands and so working with Lifestyle Watches was a no brainer.

"I have had the pleasure of knowing Gary and Daryl for several years. Their shared love for horology and their relaxed, knowledgeable approach to the watch-buying process immediately resonated with me. It's precisely this authentic connection and mutual respect that makes Lifestyle Watches the perfect fit as one of BŌKEN's very first retail partners in the UK." ~ Daniel

At Lifestyle Watches, every watch is carefully selected to ensure authenticity, quality, and value. Their dedication to providing exceptional service and peace of mind to customers mirrors our own values at BŌKEN. Together, we're excited to bring our premium, British-designed, Swiss-made timepieces to discerning watch enthusiasts across Scotland and beyond.

Gary said: "Having known and dealt with Daniel before he launched the BŌKEN brand, we were aware of his passion and attention to detail with his watches.

To be given the opportunity to be involved with Daniel and BŌKEN and the flourishing British Watch making scene, for us, is an incredibly exciting time.

We love the BŌKEN philosophy, we love the Nomad and Odyssey range and we are proud to be part of the BŌKEN adventure."

As we embark on this new chapter together, we're confident that our collaboration with Lifestyle Watches will elevate the watch-buying experience and create unforgettable moments for every customer. Stay tuned for exclusive BŌKEN offerings at Lifestyle Watches, where passion meets expertise and every timepiece tells a story.

Be sure to contact Gary and Daryl at Lifestyle Watches to book in time to visit their gorgeous office and get hands on with a Nomad.


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